When you are forwarded to the Michaels site. Look for the image painted with the oranges and click that.  (See actual sample image to the right)

Remember to shoot me an email so I can give you- if needed any additional items you may need to bring with you to class.

Fanstastic. It looks like you are ready to enter the Michaels site. Click the below "Register Online" image.

Step ONE NOTE: Read all the steps before clicking the final link below because you will be forwarded to the Michaels online class registration site.

(See sample image to the right)

Try to memorize the visual images in order which are shown on the right as a "step by step" process for you to get into the classes easily on the Michaels site for payment.

Unleash your  inner Art


Step TWO

Enter your zip code and look for the store address8354 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33143.

Next, you will click on that address.

Look for the red box that says "See Schedules by Store"  (See actual sample image to the right)

Wild   Palette


If the above "Register Here" does not work or it shows no classes are inputted on the Michaels site allowing you to register and pay, you will then need to do 5 more steps to get into their site.