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Question: Michaels offers a 40% coupon a lot, can I use that towards a painting class?

Answer:  Those coupons are for Michaels products and items. The art classes are  sponsored from Grumbacher Inc. which does not accept the store coupons to discount classes. But remember the 50% off sale is the best time to purchase the classes, as much as 10 at a time for only $12.50 each.

Question: Outside from the fee of the class how much extra are the supplies for your acrylic painting class?

Answer: If you know of an artist friend, I would ask them for an extra small canvas and brushes to borrow along with acrylic paints for use. Now that is free! Many of my students have told me this is what they did for their first lesson and then eventually did purchase the Grumbachers products to continue with the lessons. Michaels offers awesome up to 40% coupons from their Michaels app. It is recommended to purchase a canvas 9 X 12, it may be a canvas board or a stretched canvas. Also bring a variety of brushes for acrylic painting. The "sign up for a class" has a syllabus to further guide you.

Question: Where can I find information on supplies for each class?

Answer: On the "sign up for a class page;" Click here:

Question: When I purchase the classes during the 50% off sale,  when do they expire?

Answer: They expire January 1st. But it is recommended to purchase just enough to hold you over to the next sale. Which is about every 10 weeks.

Question: Can I purchase Jennifer's art classes for someone else?

Answer: Yes, many people purchase Jennifer's classes for gifts and give them as a surprise to thier friends.

Question: How much are Jennifer's classes?

Answer: They are 15 dollars for two hours of teaching. Every 10 weeks they go on sale at 50% off.

Question: I purchased art classes for acylic and now I would like to only paint in watercolor, can I change mediums?

Answer: Absolutely, you can change your medium at any time. Jennifer teaches both mediums.

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