Call or email Jennifer for any questions: 305-233-0016

To sign up for a class. Simply go to the Pinecrest Community Center's website which is linked in the green box above. If you prefer to order the classes by phone, the number for the Pinecrest Community Center is 305.284.0900 

IMPORTANT: Remember to bring your receipt to class or email it to Jennifer for her records.

Classes are sold per month, not "per class". If you join the classes in the beginning or end of the month it will be the SAME PRICE. Because of this, Jennifer allows your "extra" classes to roll over. If you need more months to use them up, no problem.

For those students that want to use a two hour class during a three hour session and choose to enter the room at the latter part:  Please be considerate of the two hour window. Enter the room no earlier than ten minutes before your start time. For example: if you purchased a two hour class for Sunday morning session and decide to join one hour later. You may enter at 9:20am (Please no sooner) and leave with the group at 11:30am. Please, don’t push the two hour time to a longer stay without paying, which is unfair to everyone.  To those students who paid for the two hour lesson and enter at the beginning start time, please be sure to start cleaning up ten minutes before the two hour end time.

Clean up time is ten minutes prior to class ending for all classes. The room must be vacated at the end time for use of other venues.

2020-21 Art classes are in session

Wild   Palette

All Classes are open from September 2020 to June 2021  

Art Classes in Pinecrest Community Center

Unleash your  inner Art