Wild   Palette

24" X 30" Acrylic on stretched canvas. 2018

"Something about Kate"

     I was inspired by Picasso's work. I used a heavy paste medium and placed it onto the canvas. The textured medium dried with ridges exceeding an eight of an inch high. This painting was created 95% with a credit card scrape. 

48" X 24" Acrylic on stretched canvas. March 2018

​"Grand Memories of Sarah and Zachary"

     This painting is of my two children in the Grand Turk islands,

I snapped the image before they turned the bend. I added the sand dunes in the foreground because we spent many summers in Saint Augustine which has plenty of these dunes. My awesome parents made our children's summers filled with sunny days of fun by the ocean. My children have grown and I can only paint the memories of their foot prints in the sand from long ago.

     The original hangs in my parents home.

Jennifer Priestley Hammer's private collection of artwork.

16" X 12" Acrylic on stretched canvas. 2017

"Joshuas Dance"

     This painting is a study on proportions. The Joshua tree in the Mojava Desert is mature at 14'. The black tailed rabbit is 3' with the long ears of course!  To render the people in the distance correctly with the mountains is a great study for this proportional lesson. The image is painted with acrylic on a stretched canvas. I then put an extra spin on it with the break out boarders in Photoshop. Because it is now in photoshop it can be reproduced up to 30" high. The original hangs on my office wall.

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