Wild Palette Art Classes are held weekly

in the Pinecrest Community Center

Every - Friday and Sunday.

Located: 5855 SW 111 St, Pinecrest FL 33156

Contact Jennifer Hammers studio  305-233-0016

If you have an interest in art but you're not quite sure where to begin....  Jennifer has the answer.  Start with her fun art lessons at the Pinecrest Community Center. She believes that in order to understand the value of drawing and painting, you must be able to see, touch and experience it. Therefore, Jennifer will offer you know-how secrets and expert techniques to hone your art skills. You will learn how to paint properly while enjoying her fun classes in the new Pinecrest Community Center in Miami, Florida.

Jennifer will personally help with Art techniques that SHE haS learned over the years...

You will discover art skills through her lessons

Jennifer Hammer's, acrylic, watercolor and drawing classes are three hours each. Supplies are not included. Please read the syllabus for your medium of choice. 

Price is $30 for 3hr or $20 for 2hrs. 

Jennifer Hammer has been teaching art for five years in South Miami and now the Pinecrest Community Center. She truly love's to teach art. In her classes, she will teach you unique art variations through fun, fresh ways while you learn. Soon you will have several completed masterpieces of your own art, ready to frame and hang on your wall!

If you have any questions call Jennifer Hammers studio line 305-233-0016  You may email her at jennifer@wildpalette.com

Jennifer's art classes are located in the Pinecrest Community Center.  She offers classes for adults or young adults 13 years old. Art classes are two and three hours long, held two days a week. These are wonderful classes to learn and advance your skills even if you have no knowledge in art techniques. If you are an advanced artist come and join the class to expand your skills. Artists should always surround surround themselves with other creative minds to learn from each other. Classes are held in acrylic, watercolor, pencil drawing and much more. Join Wild Palette Art classes today!

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